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The inherent properties of our rubber flooring products provide outstanding wearability, resiliency and minimum maintenance which make them the ideal choice for a great number of applications. However there are many other benefits in using our rubber products: Excellent slip resistance, Excellent sound absoption properties contributing to a more quiet environment, Very resistant to cigarette burns and many chemicals, Homogeneous construction, A natural product posing no health or environment hazards, Recyclable, Choice of attractive patterns and colors …
rubber flooring
MONDO makes surfaces for Fitness & Recreational Centers, Gymnasiums, Ice Arenas, Weight rooms, Locker rooms, Aerobic rooms and Track & Fields. Along with durability and unparalleled performance, Mondo’s products stand out on account of their broad color spectrum and state-of-the-art double durometer construction.

track and field
To prevent stress injury, a track needs to deform evenly in order to properly absorb and return energy. A track also needs to have a consistent response to allow athletes to execute relaxed high-speed training necessary to establish proper motor-memory.



1.0.1 Work Included

A. Commercial static dissipative rubber tile flooring.
B. Adhesive and accessories required for installation and maintenance & repair.

Specifier Note: the following CSI section describes the resilient Commercial Flooring system to be installed on the specific project. The number and title of the section may be changed if the specifier deems necessary; but in any case it will belong to the general Section 09600: Flooring.

A. Provide commercial rubber flooring composed of 100% synthetic rubber (styrene butadiene), the finest quality mineral aggregates, organic stabilising agents, plus high quality fade resistant pigmentation.
B. Provide a static dissipative rubber sheet, which has been manufactured to maintain performance criteria stated by manufacturer without defects, damage or failure.

A. The manufacturer must have experience in the manufacturing of prefabricated rubber surface.
B. Installer must have performed installations of the same scale in the last three years.
C. Installer to be recognised and approved by the commercial rubber-flooring manufacturer. / Commercial Flooring / COMMERCIAL FLOORING