GLOW Products such as glow necklaces, glow bracelets, glowsticks, etc.

For more than 13 years, MTL LIVE. has been the main supplier for
a variety of party items ranging from glow products to small toys. We
also carry a wide selection of inflatable objects, hats, glasses and
noise makers. Quality is what makes us stand us from the others so we
only carry the latest fresh, premium glow products. Affordable glow
products does not imply cheap quality. Only the highest quality party
glow products are available here!

Looking for retail products? Magic Light's assorted glow products are
perfect for party stores, Hardware stores, Home Centers, Mass
Merchants, Supermarkets, Sporting goods stores and wherever fun is
sold. Show your REAL LIGHTS! Our glow jewelry products are the perfects
add-ons for great parties or just for fun. Our adhesive-backed
light shapes glow badges are great for wearing, great for identifying
people, places, and stuff!