Unilock is North America’s leader in the manufacturing of industrial
pavements. Pavers such as Anchorlock®, Optiloc®, and Unistone® are
several of the pavers which have become the industry standard for
roadways, loading yards, shipping ports, airports and inter-modal
terminals around the world. These products offer a superior design and
engineered strength which is second to none. All Unilock industrial
pavers can be installed mechanically for maximum productivity and cost

Unilock along with our European product innovation affiliates have
created some of the industry’s most unique and inspiring textured
pavers. These textured pavers can be used on their own or they can be
combined with other pavers to create what we have called, “Paver
Quilting”. This combination of pavers allows you to create a
“signature” that is exclusively yours. Even the aggregates and the
background color of our beautiful Series 3000® pavers can be customized
to fit your specific design requirements. All Unilock concrete products
come with a Lifetime Guarantee*.