A large plastic storage tank stands beside an industrial storage building. Offers a variety of plastic storage tanks and water tanks for chemical storage, handling, and other applications. The capacity of the system is limited only by the size of simple plastic storage tanks used to store the redox solutions. Manufactures, installs, and distributes steel and plastic storage tanks.

No other manufacturer produces as many silos for plastics and petrochemical storage as Columbian TecTank™. Our Columbian TecTank™ welded silos, bolted silos and SealWeld™ aluminum silos have become the industry standard. Our product testing services can determine the optimum design for reliable flow of plastic resin products.

Common applications include welded carbon steel silos with AR-Lon 6100™ interior coating, skirted welded stainless steel silos, bolted or welded gravity blending silos, welded aluminum silos on legs and SealWeld™ aluminum silos with bolted exteriors and welded interiors.

SealWeld™ aluminum silos manufactured by Columbian TecTank™ incorporate the uniqueness of shop-fabricated aluminum panels, which bolt together in the field. Once assembled, the silos are seal welded on the tank interior. The resultant product is a welded aluminum tank that will accommodate increased storage capacity requirements. This product is routinely specified in the petrochemical market when product contamination is an issue. The SealWeld™ product line, as manufactured by Columbian TecTank™, ranks as the highest quality product of its kind. Silo construction can be designed for structure or skirt support and is easily containerized. Columbian TecTank™ will design per the required domestic or international codes.