Model SP420 Pressure Sensor is a rugged, two-wire pressure transmitter
which operates from supply voltages of 14 to 32 VDC. It utilizes a
silicon strain gauge bridge bonded to a flat diaphram to measure
pressure-induced deflections. The weld-sealed pressure cavity is 17-4
PH stainless steel, making the unit ideal for use with corrosive fluids
under most environmental conditions.

The Adtech Model SGT 90 Strain Gauge pressure transmitter provides an
accurate and economical way to convert a wide variety of primary
element strain gauge transducers to a standard process current or
voltage signal output with a maximum of 10 mV P/P output ripple.
Excitation power for the bridge is provided by the SGT 90 pressure
transmitter as a standard feature and may be precisely controlled by
the use of remote sensing at the bridge terminals.