While Patt filtration prides itself on its range of screenchangers
handling the broadest range of polymers, filtration problems often
demand something more than our standard product line. Our custom
engineering services offer far more than the "Off the Shelf"
screenchanger. Our flexibility as a small company enables quick
response to customer problems and service requirements.

Our screenchangers use custom-fit wire mesh screen packs. Made from
a variety of square mesh and dutch weaves, they can be customized to fit
your needs, whether you run LLDPE, PVC, ABS, HDPE, PP, rubber or a
special blend proper to your production. The pack combinations can
come in stainless or plain steel and are designed for all of our PATT
Filtration screenchanger sizes. Mesh sizes from 20 to 400 guarantee
various level of filtration precision. Packs are custom tailored mesh
combinations specific to your production needs. Clockwise from the
right: E-size, D-size, C-size, B-size and A-size screens, various meshes.

Patt filtration custom tailors continuous screenchanger equipment to
filter any engineering polymer with pressures up to 12,000 psi and
temperatures up to 650F.