Enerfin industrial steam coils can be supplied in a self supporting frame in which pull out drawer type steam coils can be serviced individually. Our standard non-freeze steam coil is designed to handle large amounts of steam and provide quick condensate removal.

The two sources of acidic corrosion in the steam coils air heater will be carbonic acid, source is CO2 in the water and oxygen attack. A material that can be used for steam coil tubes manufacturer when the steam pressure is above 200 psig. During this condition, air is bypassed around a steam coil when full steam flow is used in the coil. Steam coil information available by clicking above.

Our low-pressure steam coils are carefully designed to withstand the rigors of this application. Minimum tube wall thickness on a steam coil is .025". .035" wall thickness is available if required. When it comes time to replace an old steam coil that's corroding and cracking like an old pickup truck.

First, determine what type of steam coil you are replacing. Is it standard steam, nonfreeze steam, hot water, hot oil, hot gas or other heat transfer fluid that is heating the fin-side gas ?

However, two recent projects showed that the traditional process isnít the only process for replacing steam coils.D uring this period other companies have supplied custom-made flat pans and steam coils on a limited basis.