The favourable price/performance ratio extends the possible
applications on the manufacture of a tilt transducer. The high accuracy of
the DMP40 enables the quality of these products to be improved still
further. HBM has 50 years experience of its own tilt transducer production
and this has of course been used in the development of the DMP40. In
the scientific field and in the production of high precision elements,
very small changes at high static loads are frequently measured. Here
an example is the production of silicon monocrystals. With up to 16th
order filters present in the DMP40, these measurement problems can be
solved in a very practicable manner. The four limit switches and the
eight remote control contacts enable the amplifier to operate
autonomously without manual intervention.

The DMP40 Digital Precision Measuring Amplifier is designed for
measurement with a tilt transducer operating on the strain-gauge principle.
The amplifier provides stable resolution of a 2mV/V transducer signal
in 1m digits. With an accuracy class of 0.0005/0.0050 the DMP40 is the
most accurate measurement instrument available for strain-gauge
measurements and can be rightly called 'the ultimate measurement tool'.
This technological breakthrough was only possible using the patented
analogue to digital converter (ADC) from HBM: The connected tilt transducer
is excited with a 225Hz carrier frequency to give interference
immunity, zero point stability and a steady display. Any tilt transducer
is connected simultaneously to the bridge excitation voltage. This has
the advantage that measurements can take place with the full accuracy
immediately after the measuring point is selected.