AGTI Consulting Services Inc. is an information technology consulting
firm based in Montreal and serving the Canadian market from offices
located in Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary and Victoria. AGTI has
experienced rapid growth since its founding in 1996. By the end of
2001, its consolidated business revenues had climbed to $38 million.
During 1999, it was clear to AGTI that their Excel-based systems were
not going to suffice, and they began their search for new time and attendance systems to track the time of their consultants and to bill their clients.

We believe information systems are key to business performance. Groupe
AGI works hand-in-hand with you to meet your business challenges. Our
primary goal is to provide you with time and attendance systems for your

Our time and attendance systems are in keeping with the requirements of today's changing market. All of our products and tools have been fully tried and tested in real world environment. If the solution requires enhancements, we will make them. We take no chances with your success.