Abak, Groupe AGI's effortless time & billing software solution, has been
specifically developed for QuickBooks® 2003 products.

Abak Time and Billing is an integrated time and expense management
system that allows employees to enter and approve timesheets and
expense reports from anywhere, at anytime, using a wide range of
techniques in a user-friendly format. Abak also allows you to generate
a wide range of reports in real time (work in progress, budget control,
WIP Aging, etc.)

"I am very happy with my new abak time and billing software and I
would be happy to provide a reference. It used to take me 2 weeks
(10 business days to complete my billing cycle). Last month I did it
in 3 days. Since this was my main objective in switching to abak time and billing software,
I am very satisfied in this regard. My invoices look far more professional and the
link with ACCPAC is working great. Since I also have more reports
directly from abak, I don't have to do anymore excel reports for clients
or internal purposes at month end. I found Abak intuitive to learn.