The essential part of any substation transformer pump is the oil surrounding the core and coils. The heat caused by the core and coil losses affects the efficiency and life of the transformer pump.

One example occurred recently when a generator transformer pump at Koeberg experienced air ingress, leading to potential winding damage. Could I use this device to turn on both the transformer oil pump?

Transformers originally filled with conventional transformer oil pump can be retrofilled with a fire-resistant oil to increase the fire safety margin of these units. Transformers pumps that were designed for use with conventional transformer pump oil will run warmer when filled with a fire resistant oil.

Using a small transformer pump and hoses, manually flush the interior of the unit with warm retrofill fluid. Looking into the transformer pump suction inlet, the impeller must rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, as specified by the rotation arrow.

Make sure that the transformer pump cooling system has been flushed clean of dirt, and welding flash. The transformer pump itself would operate on perhaps 24 or 36 volts, supplied by a separate transformer outside the water.

The transformer pump units are generally designed for a specific application, and are therefore unique. A transformer pump is a device that uses waste heat to produce valuable heat on a higher temperature level than that of the waste heat.