Flexibility and increasing cost pressures have been an important topic
for years when it comes to vibration monitoring of manufacturing and
assembly processes and the automation of test rigs. This situation
forces companies involved in plant and equipment construction to use as
many rationalisation measures as possible. Development in the field bus
sector offers the potential for innovation and cost saving. In order to
be able to make use of this potential, signal processing must satisfy
new demands. The solution for signal processing is called ”PME” - the
intelligent product line for industrial measurement technique. The PME
range of products offer different types of modules for recording of all
measured quantities relevant to processing, such as force,
displacement, pressure, temperature, speed, frequency and torque.

HBM Force Transducers measure static and dynamic tensile and pressure
loads - and virtually without any displacement. Force Transducers can
be supplied in the most varied of designs and classes of accuracy.
Typical application areas include test bench technology, e.g. measuring
force to check material quality and automation technology, e.g. for
vibration monitoring quality features when reshaping or bonding. HBM’s
own DKD calibration laboratory mirrors the company’s competence in the
area of force measurement.