The work support system makes complex configurations simple. By using both sides of the supporting columns, in combinations with corner work surfaces, arrangements are easy and quickly assembled. These complex workbenches make a variety of tasks more efficient, including engineering, calibration, quality control, production testing and production work cells. For even greater efficiency and productivity, a line of Series 8000 accessories is offered. There are storage cabinets,
drawers, document shelves, magnet boards, CPU monitor holders,
magnifiers - all of which can be placed anywhere in the system.

The award-winning Series 8000 workbenches uses common modular parts, so work benches are easily assembled or re-configured to suit a wide variety of job applications. The 8000 Series is ideal for small parts assembly (such as electronics and computer manufacturing or for the optical
industry). It is also perfect for test/repair facilities, quality
control, military or educational purposes. These workbenches meet the
two most basic demands of today's managers... unlimited flexibility to
satisfy ergonomic principles and maximum utilization of valuable floor